Hybrid Consulting

Hybrid vehicles clearly demonstrate the benefits in efficiency and performance two autonomous systems can have. change2target applies the same insight in its unique target-driven and sustainable concept of implementing change: Hybrid Consulting.

By combining management consulting and interim staffing, change2target has found a new way of creating additional customer value. We ensure that our implementation staff is supported by experienced consultants in our back office and therefore safeguard that change projects are implemented using one consistent approach.

Hybrid Consulting ensures three factors:

  • Costs are reduced to an absolute minimum. We are able to provide our consulting services at up to 50 percent lower cost than would otherwise be the case in conventional consulting projects.
  • Our clients avoid bottlenecks in resources during the implementation phase, as our implementers are part of their team in day-to-day business.
  • The change process itself is accelerated considerably as our implementation consultants, so-called Change Agents, work from within the organization, and cooperate with colleagues and customers on a daily basis.


Hybrid Consulting marks the combination of consulting services dedicated to implementation and interim staffing. Both together achieve the perfect mix of accountability and flexibility.

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