Boosting Returns By Enhancing Customer focused Value Management

Our special approach to Customer focused Value Management achieves two objectives: higher level of customer satisfaction and enhanced returns.

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Customer Focused Value Management

Our approach to Customer focused Value Management is based on the lean management philosophy: Customers are at the heart of business activities. We have integrated the highly versatile methodologies from Lean Operations and Supply Chain Management into our made-to-measure tools and support our clients in the implementation of these new methods. The solutions we offer are not from the peg, but are carefully tailored to the individual needs of our clients and the challenges they face. We don’t see a company as an isolated entity, but take a close look at its positioning in the market and compared to competitors.

We employ cutting-edge methods to analyze Customer Needs and market conditions (Market Development and Market Knowledge). Thanks to our work, product R&D departments can find innovative and efficient ways of applying identified needs to new and optimized products (Design for Six Sigma). We reduce waste by streamlining and stabilizing processes, eliminating defects and establishing a culture of continuous improvement. Our focus is on the entire value chain, from the end-user to the supplier (Operational Excellence). We support our clients by optimizing sales (Sales Excellence), planning and forecasting, distribution and logistics, raw material and inventories, as well as interface and make or buy decisions (Supplier Development & Sourcing). And finally, we also ensure that standards are complied with and that realistic risk assessments are undertaken, increasing the company’s overall agility (Standard Compliance).

The advantages for our clients: The benefits provided by our services are measurable and sustainable.

Market Knowledge

Companies can thrive on the competitive edge gained on the back of exhaustive market knowledge. Leading companies command the know-how which is either essential or at least beneficial to doing business. But the mounting flood of information also drives the obsolescence of knowledge.

change2target implements measurement systems that provide the answers to customers’ specific questions about the market. Reliable data about sales developments, market shares, prices and other relevant information can be collected in different countries and segmented according to industries. Once set up, data collection can be operated on an ongoing basis.

We cooperate closely with independent IT companies to prepare and process collected data professionally. This allows us to analyze the collated data in line with customer specifications and to aggregate it as requested.

Newly gained market insights help our clients define suitable marketing and sales measures. Our Market Development and Sales Excellence boosting activities help us deliver measurable results, very much delivering on the principles of Customer focused Value Management.

Market Development

One of the key tasks for any company is to determine its future position in the market and towards competitors. Market potential, market volume and market share provide key information essential to understanding how a company and its products fare in relation to competitors.

change2target helps companies strengthen their market position. The concept behind Customer focused Value Management is not to instigate a fundamental shift in the company’s focus, but to build on its existing strategy.

By analyzing product portfolios, product maturity (product life cycles), market potential and market coverage we are able to identify untapped operating potential to boost earnings. Based on those insights, we derive concepts to enhance the position in the market. At the end of the process, we implement concepts in close collaboration with our clients.

As our methods tie in closely with Customer Value Analysis and Market Knowledge, we are able to focus product and market strategies to meet customer needs.

Standard Compliance

Standardizing processes is key to establishing sustainable customer value, regardless of whether they be corporate governance guidelines, dealer standards, warranty agreements or production systems. It is however essential to prevent these standards from being used as an excuse to ignore customer needs, and to ensure that they are being applied to reach the desired objectives.

change2target is instrumental in defining standards for its customers and in establishing standard compliance. In addition to defining and implementing financial audit processes (e.g. Sarbanes-Oxley compliance) we also apply methods such as Mystery Shopping to safeguard that standards are being complied with in the service sector. Instead of viewing auditing as a controlling process, we understand it as an integral part of assuring a continuous improvement processes in Customer focused Value Management.

Defining standards and audit processes automatically involves identifying, assessing and managing risks. We therefore apply analyses and risk prevention methods (such as Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) to avoid risk or at least mitigate risks to non-critical levels.

Supplier Development & Sourcing

In an era of increasing globalization, manufacturers are facing a make-or-break challenge: safeguarding the quality of third-party-supplier parts. If manufacturers have moved their production facilities abroad, they need supplier parts sourced from their immediate vicinity. Other manufacturers are opting against moving their production facilities but are sourcing parts from so-called low cost countries. In either case, companies are facing the challenge of sourcing parts which meet customers’ quality expectations.

In line with the Lean Philosophy, change2target has devised a process to increase supplier quality and capabilities, and to develop suppliers to meet manufacturer specifications. In contrast to auditing, the objective here is to achieve measurable increases in quality levels and supply abilities, which can also be tracked by manufacturers.

We also maintain a network of suppliers in emerging markets in South Eastern Asia. They are essential to cutting raw material costs significantly, while retaining quality levels. Based on the specifications made by the manufacturer, we screen potential suppliers and analyze their potential to deliver on the requirements in the long-term.

Operational Excellence

A company can only retain its competitive edge in the long term if its products and services deliver on its customers’ needs. In highly competitive markets, operational excellence is the key to securing long-term success.

change2target supports organizations in sustaining long-term success by improving their operational performance. This step is very much driven by the fundamental Lean Enterprise principals, which avoid waste and promote trust.

We reduce waste by streamlining and stabilizing processes, eliminating and preventing defects, and by establishing a culture of continuous improvement.

Our service range covers everything from roll-out standalone methods such as 5S, changeover optimization and Overall Equipment Efficiency/Effectiveness (OEE), through to the implementation of all-encompassing concepts. We embed approaches such as Kaizen and Six Sigma, Just-in-Time, Total Productive Maintenance and Visual Management as integral components of our clients’ changed decision-making and management structure. We draw on the comprehensive experience we have gained in the manufacturing sector as well as in administration and service operations.

Design for Six Sigma

As soon as customer needs have been identified, the next challenge facing business operations is to translate these requirements into actions which will actually work in the field. We rise to this challenge by taking a structured and implementation-driven approach by deploying Design for Six Sigma (DFSS).

change2target has extensive experience in applying the DFSS methodology. Besides our proficiency with tools such as Quality Function Deployment, Design of Experiments, Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, as well as Robustness and Tolerance Design methods we are able to redesign entire product development processes.

In line with the fundamental Six Sigma principles, we identify Six Sigma application and DFSS competence within the company, and differentiate this from the applications of complex methods to day-to-day business.

We offer effective and efficient training for Black and Green Belts by cooperating with the American Society for Quality (ASQ). Our highly experienced Master Black Belts help trained specialists to apply their newly acquired know-how in product development and process optimization.

Customer Value

If the objective is to enhance the value of a product or service in customer perception, it is crucial to understand exactly what it is that customers value. The Voice of the Customer must be heard, and understood.

change2target helps companies to better understand their customers and to anticipate future behavioral trends. Using such approaches as Focus Group Interviews, Lead User Workshops and Customer Process Analysis we provide for openness about customer experience and expectations, both at a consumer level and for business-to-business partners.

By integrating a range of methods and sources of information, we create a comprehensive survey of the customer landscape. In doing so, we make sure that our clients can exceed their customers’ expectations.

Understanding the Voice of the Customer and translating it into operative actions is one of the greatest challenges faced by business operations. We take a structured and implementation-driven approach by deploying Design for Six Sigma.

We cooperate closely with our Market Knowledge competence center to quickly develop a sound basis for decision-making. Via this approach, operations strategies can be developed which in turn are implemented as customer-focused processes and structures.

Supply Chain Management

Joint ventures, strategic alliances and virtual companies: in today’s business world value creation extends far beyond your own company. At a time when manufacturing penetration is decreasing, and focus shifts more strongly onto core competences, we are seeing in-house processes move more and more onto
co-operative value creation networks. Additional crossovers and a diversity of organizational structures further increase the complexity of management.

change2target has experience in the two most tightly interconnected industries: the automotive and food industry. These are characterized by considerable fluctuations in demand, mounting networking of in-house and supplier services, as well as highly complex logistics. Challenges we master in close cooperation with our clients.

Lean Management

Many companies claim to already have successfully implemented lean methods. In the automotive industry in particular, lean concepts are common, with the majority of production systems adapting the Toyota Production System. Nowadays, even companies in the services sector are increasingly applying lean methods. There are however considerable differences in the implementation of the lean philosophy.

Instead of limiting itself to the implementation of individual elements of lean operation, change2target broadens the scope, taking a completely holistic approach to processes and management structures and releasing the full potential of lean management. The scope has to be widened even further though to include service organizations and the general administration units of industrial corporations. We are committed to supporting our clients on their journey to becoming a lean enterprise.

Sales Excellence

New technologies may offer considerable potential to boost sales, but in many companies maintaining direct and individual relationships to customers is a competitive advantage. Sales and after-sales have to find ways to facilitate sales processing with that personal touch.

change2target helps its clients enhance sales performance by implementing pin-pointed actions which can increase sales both measurable and sustainable. In addition to honing sales skills, our service range in this discipline includes sales management and enhancing service levels, right down to incentives and loyalty programs.

Our review includes internal and front-line customer facing sales processes. Our experience in process optimization (e.g. Six Sigma) and Standard Compliance (e.g. Mystery Shopping) is an invaluable asset in optimizing, for instance, call center operations.

Raising sales efficiency levels also includes optimizing entire retail structures, covering everything from product sales to after sales. In line with our Supplier Development approach we optimize retail outlets. Our objective is to increase profitability levels by ensuring that the principles of Customer focused Value Management are applied.

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