Who we are

Our name is our mission: change2target initiates and supports processes of change to ensure that our clients reach their targets more effectively, and in less time.

As the leading management consulting firm for Customer focused Value Management, change2target helps companies implement change processes, and in turn creates added value for its clients’ customer base. Since the company's founding in 2006 change2target consultants, from a pool of some now 180 international experts, have consulted renowned companies from a wide variety of industries.

The company has its headquarters in Germany and maintains offices throughout Europe, America and Asia. Thanks to our global footprint we are in a position to support clients with international reach. We take on large-scale projects as well as short deployments in which our expertise is required to address highly specialized issues. Hybrid Consulting enables us to address the needs of our clients with a great degree of flexibility. We never lose sight of our key principle which is to deliver measurable value for our clients.

Our Service Offering covers everything from conventional efficiency improvement measures as part of lean and supply chain management projects and developing suppliers in emerging markets right down to conducting customer and market analyses. Our activities are guided by our Customer focused Value Management principles. To deliver on just these principles, we apply a diverse range of methods and approaches to boost the efficiency, flexibility and sales of companies.

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