Careers with CHANGE2TARGET

Acknowledging the value of past experience does not prohibit striking out in new directions. Turning points come for all change2target employees when it becomes clear that experimenting with a new approach could result in even greater success.

Acknowledging this basic principle is a key aspect of the change2target culture. Flat organization and direct communication are the calling cards of interaction between change2target and its clients. Because of this, we place a great deal of value on trusting working relationships, openness and constructive teams. We direct our energies into achieving success collectively, not into internal power struggles.

For change2target, the individual is of utmost importance. Not something to be regarded as a 'human resource', rather as a person who deserves respect and recognition. Only once these premises have been taken on board can one begin to discuss performance and success.

We foster our employees and give them the framework they need for consistent development – ongoing learning is a major component of our basic philosophy.

Even beyond the context of change2target we are engaged in creating a network of knowledge-sharing – with the c2t Expert Network

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